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Date 5th FEB 2015 : we are about to launch our second project namely SHIVALAY-2 in Nagpur.

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In an industry flooded with wannabes and has beens, few names stand apart with a long and distinguished record of construction excellence, design elegance and managerial perfection.

SN Builder & Developers

is one such name...
A thoroughbred house promoted by qualified engineers it has studiously built up a reputation for Quality in all spheres of it's activity over the last 1 years. Quality that is visibly seen in top-notch residential projects in plush area in Nagpur .

Each of our projects in Nagpur is a testimony to the higher reaches of a relentless, single minded pursuit of excellence. A pursuit that transits into prestigious home addresses delivered on time, with a truly courteous smile. A smile that comes from Pride in fulfilling the requirements of science and the art of creating homes with difference.

Over the year, we have strived to delight our customers and build everlasting relationships. Now, when we build, we visualize that not only today but even years down the line; our customers should feel proud about their possession. So, our endeavor is to create Prized Properties in Nagpur that make our customer proud.

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Our Commitment

The term corporate sustainability is of relatively recent vintage. Not so the philosophy of social responsibility that underlines the SN Builder & Developer way of conducting its businesses. The multitude of social development and environment initiatives SN has nurtured from its earliest days flows from a wellspring of voluntary, as opposed to obligatory, commitment.